About us

About us


Since its inception in 1999, Halidon has become one of the largest independent music distributors in Italy, acquiring the distribution rights of many national and international artists.

We work closely with music publishers and managers, and hold a vast repertoire of artists of mixed music styles, from classical to jazz to pop music. Our catalogue is available for licensing and synchronization in film, TV, ads and more (please address your requests to info@halidononline.com).

Within the company there are six well-defined and structured departments which help us meet the demands of the ever-changing music market: A&R, Strategic Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Digital Distribution, Product Design. Hugely receptive to new artists and long-term development-oriented, we are always looking to expand our roster with exciting collaborations. With over 3 million subscribers, we are the team behind YouTube’s top-ranking classical music channel.

Our sales force supplies all the big retail outlets as well as the more specialized music stores. Our repertoire is also available on all digital stores and streaming platforms.

As a music publisher we administer our own copyright as well as that of third parties.