Little stars on stage: sweet Christmas performances and songs

Little stars on stage: sweet Christmas performances and songs of Christmas 2023

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Everything is ready: the curtain opens on a world of twinkling smiles and light hearts, as the little actors take centre stage in Christmas plays. Accompanied by festive melodies, their performances bring joy and warmth to an already magical time. Imagine miniature elves, reindeer and Father Christmas riding the stage with their infectious enthusiasm ready to sing the sweet melodies that evoke an atmosphere of joy and tradition.
Parents and grandparents are gathered to watch, creating a sense of connection, and sharing among the family during the festive season.
Christmas songs in school plays are the glue that holds the magic of Christmas together. Through them, the little protagonists become the tellers of enchanting stories, transporting the audience on a journey of festivity and tradition. Whether they are timeless classics or

creative new interpretations, these tunes are the beating heart of the performances, bringing the enchantment of the festive season to the school stage.
Are you looking for the perfect Christmas song for your school play but can’t settle on which one would work best? Here are some of our suggestions for classic and original Christmas songs that will captivate the audience and let the children have great fun performing them!

  • Natale
    Hands down the most beautiful song of Christmas 2023: “Natale”, by Simona Fassini Fazio, an easy and perfect melody to teach children. Reflecting on the hectic world we live in, this tune encourages us to pull the brakes at Christmas and simply enjoy the atmosphere and magic that make this period so special. It’s also a way to wish a very Merry Christmas to the whole world. What are you waiting for? It’s the perfect song to round off your school play. The video with lyrics is available.
  • A Natale puoi
    A perfect classic to teach children is “A Natale puoi”. This song conveys a message of hope and love perfect for Christmas time, capturing the enchanted atmosphere all children love and the feeling of wonder that the season brings. Quite simply, this lovely tune perfectly embodies the Christmas spirit, emphasising the importance of being kind all year long. You can find the song performed by our artist Bebe.
  • Jingle bells
    If you were to ask a child what is one of their favourite Christmas songs, we are quite sure that they would answer “Jingle Bells.” Known and sung all over the world, this tune has a cheerful rhythm and simple lyrics, perfect for engaging the little ones. The song conveys the message that Christmas is a time of fun, joy, and happiness, and it captures the playful spirit of the most magical time of the year. You can listen to the Italian version performed by Marco Ferracini.
  • O Tannenbaum
    O Tannenbaum” is a lovely choice for a school play, especially if you want to add a touch of true Christmas spirit to it. Indeed, this traditional German folk song is associated with the magic of the Christmas tree, whose shiny decorations bring a sense of happiness and light. The Christmas tree is the true symbol of beauty, joy, and tradition during the festive season. Discover the Italian version sung by Marco Ferracini.
  • Christmas comes to town
    Can there really be a children's school play without Santa Claus? So here is for you “Il Natale arriva in città,” the Italian version of the famous classic “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” This song conveys the excitement of Christmas night when Father Christmas rides his sleigh pulled by reindeer to deliver gifts to children all over the world. It is a hymn to the magic of Christmas and a fun way to celebrate the festive season as well as remind the little ones of the importance of kindness. You can listen to the song performed by Bebe