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Relaxing Jazz

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  • Relaxing Jazz

    Relaxing Jazz

    EAN: 8030615070121

    Various Artists

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    Contrary to popular belief, swing doesn’t overwhelm the listener with unbearable tension – that is probably rock’s job. Jazz is more subtle: if you listen carefully, you’ll notice how the great masters successfully get their message across with unwavering calm. Their music is enthralling, but thanks to an incredible rhythmic wisdom. This is how they manage to “fly” over the tempo (it doesn’t matter whether slow or fast-paced) without leaning on the beat of the accompaniment and “landing” triumphantly when they catch up with the rhythm again.
    To other listeners, “relaxation” means slow tempo, soft sounds and a comfortable armchair to sink into with your feet propped up, a smoking pipe and a drink. 
    With its mid and slow tempos and beautiful, balanced sounds, this record aims to find a middle ground everyone can agree upon without pushing too much in any direction. The selection features famous and innovative tracks: gems such as “My Funny Valentine”, “Vendome” and “Sweet and Lovely”, which were career starters for incredible performers like Gerry Mulligan, the Modern Jazz Quartet and Thelonius Monk. Of course, jazz giants like Coleman Hawkins, Teddy Wilson, Ben Webster, Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton make an appearance too, together with innovators like Lee Konitz, Wes Montgomery and Billy Evans and big names of modern jazz such as Stan Getz and Kay and Clifford Brown. 
    That pipe and that drink sound appealing, don’t they?

1. My Funny Valentine (0.99 €) [02:56]
Artist: Gerry Mulligan Quartet

2. Danny Boy (0.99 €) [03:18]
Artist: Ben Webster Quintet

3. As Long as I Live (0.99 €) [03:18]
Artist: Benny Goodman Sextet

4. Easy Living (0.99 €) [03:44]
Artist: Clifford Brown Sextet

5. Sweet and Lovely (0.99 €) [03:38]
Artist: Thelonious Monk Trio

6. Easter Parade (0.99 €) [02:36]
Artist: Roy Eldridge

7. Rebecca (0.99 €) [03:08]
Artist: Billy Bauer, Lee Konitz

8. Stella by Starlight (0.99 €) [02:46]
Artist: Stan Getz Quintet

9. Vendome (0.99 €) [03:16]
Artist: Modern Jazz Quartet

10. Yesterdays (0.99 €) [03:20]
Artist: Wes Montgomery Trio

11. Waltz for Debby (0.99 €) [01:18]
Artist: Bill Evans

12. Honeysuckle Rose (0.99 €) [02:56]
Artist: Teddy Wilson Quartet

13. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (0.99 €) [04:18]
Artist: Jay Jay Johnson, Kai Winding

14. Midnight Sun (0.99 €) [03:18]
Artist: Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra